Buy an A-Cord and automatically help the endangered Toucans

So…what’s up with all these Toucans? When we first visited South America we saw Toucans in the wild for the first time, we fell in love with these colorful beautiful birds! But, we were also confronted with the danger for them, they are endangered bird species. So why not try to help them at the same time?

From every cord you buy € 1,00 will go to the Toucan Rescue Ranch to help the Toucans!

Toucan Rescue Ranch TRR

The original intention of TRR was to rescue, rehabilitate, and release Costa Rica toucans. MINAE (wildlife governing agency) noticed the success TRR had with toucans and began bringing various bird species. When Millie, a baby sloth, arrived in 2007, TRR turned into a full-time, multi-species wildlife rescue facility specializing in toucans, sloths, and owls.

TRR works with a model that focuses on conservation, education, and research to ensure a brighter tomorrow for native animals.

TRR receives and cares for confiscated, sick, and injured animals from government agencies. The Toucan Rescue Ranch works closely with the Ministry of Environment and Energy of Costa Rica (MINAE) who brings injured and displaced wildlife to the center. TRR provides sanctuary while giving treatment, rehabilitation, and eventual release to their natural environment.

The Toucan Rescue Ranch is a licenses Costa Rica wildlife rescue facility, Costa Rica foundation (300667701803) and a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization (EIN: 80-0516453).