At A-Cords we continually strive to offer our customers something special and unique. After years of dedication to creating beautiful sunglasses cords, we are excited to expand our collection and begin a new chapter in our story: introducing our handmade Birthstone Necklaces.


Our birthstone chains embody the essence of A-Cords through the combination of craftsmanship and refinement. Just like our sunglasses cords, these necklaces are also made by hand with love and attention. The color palettes have been carefully chosen to integrate seamlessly with the natural tones we cherish, and the subtle details reflect the timeless elegance we are known for.


At A-Cords we believe that jewelry is not just accessories, but tells personal stories. With our birthstone necklaces we expand our story and invite you to discover the meaning behind each piece. So, be enchanted by the new additions to our collection and discover the timeless beauty of the A-Cords Birthstone Necklaces Collection.

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