Birthstone Necklace April

Eternal Love and Strength for April Birthstone Necklace!



April is the most wanted birthstone necklace of all!
Symbolizing eternal love and strength, the April birthstone necklace makes an expressions of enduring elegance.
Add a touch of everlasting brilliance to your collection. Click “Add to Cart” and shine on!


The Birthstone is made from glass and the gold is all from stainless steel, so the necklaces have a long durability.


At A-Cords, we believe that jewelry is not just accessories but tells personal stories.
With our birthstone necklaces, we expand our story and invite you to discover the meaning behind each piece.
So, be enchanted by the new additions to our collection and discover the timeless beauty of A-Cords birthstone necklaces!

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Help the Toucan!

When you buy an A-Cord you help the endangered Toucans, because A-Cords will donate € 1,00 per cord to the Toucan Rescue Ranch. This non-profit organization rescues, rehabilitates and releases Toucans.

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